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Private instrumental instruction since 1990

Private weekly lessons on String, Woodwind, keyboard and Brass instruments. All ages.


My Story

Thirty years of teaching experience!

I am proud of the reputation that Michael Edwards Music Studio has gained throughout the years - for a place where students of all ages can thrive and make the most of their talents. Every year, I gladly welcome students from every background and age group.
My style of teaching is one of positive reinforcement mixed with the right amount of structure personally tailored to each individual's needs.
The Michael Edwards Music Studio is an ideal School of Music for those who wish to take their playing to the next level, or for the enthusiast who just wants to know more about making music. .


Latest News!

March 15th, 2020

Music Studio/lessons update:

Hey everyone.

I am doing everything I can here at the Michael Edwards Music Studio to keep my Music lessons going.

BUT, I am now giving all lessons REMOTELY.

I am currently using the following platforms:

1.Zoom, 2.Face Time, 3.Facebook messenger Video chat

Teaching online means I can reach beyond Rochester to give lessons to students pretty much anywhere.

If you have friends, family, anyone, who is looking for a Music teacher, please consider sharing my information with them.


Mike Edwards.


 the Michael Edwards Music Studio in the news!

I was interviewed by local journalist Dan Gross, in regards to how I am adapting my teaching to the Covid-19 situation.

It is somewhat dated - I no longer see students at the studio, only online for everyone's safety.

Check it out!



“We know who we are, but know not what we may be”

Michael, playing Baritone Saxophone with the Prime Time Funk horn section, backing up Paul Simon, Steve Gadd on drums and Tony Levin on Bass(not in picture)


Tuition and payment/attendance policies

Please read this before your first lesson!!!






Tuition options:

1. Flat monthly rate(recommended)

-Weekly Half-hour lessons...$80.00/month

-Weekly Hour lessons...$160.00/month

Some months may have as many as five sessions/month, some months as few as three sessions/month. I find that it averages out over the school year to about Four sessions/month.

Monthly Tuition will always be the same, regardless of how many lessons per month.

2. A La Carte: Individual sessions, pay as you go are $30/Half-hour.

***I only use these two payment options. I do not offer lessons every other week , as I have had a very small success rate with this option. I find that if you are investing in learning to play a Musical instrument, your best option is with regular weekly lessons. Consistency is the single most important factor in musical success.



Payment will always be due at the first lesson of each month. Your payment guarantees your lesson time.

There are no refunds for missed or canceled lessons.

Makeup lessons for a missed or canceled lesson are not guaranteed, but I try to offer one within one month of the missed lesson.

About Michael Edwards

Michael has been a Music educator and Professional Musician since his graduation from the Crane School of Music in 1990, where he received his Bachelor of Music Education degree. Michael enjoys playing and teaching multiple instruments, and focused both on Saxophone and Viola in College. He has played professionally on most Stringed and wind instruments. He is currently a member of Prime Time Funk(House band for the Rochester Music Hall of Fame) as well as many other groups. He also enjoys playing solo on Guitar, Violin, Flute, Saxophone and vocals.

Violin Shop

Parking at the studio:

  • When you arrive, please pull all the way down the driveway and park in the larger parking area, car facing the back yard

  • The parking area closest to the garage is reserved for household, so please leave this space vacant.

  • The studio is located through the garage.  No need to knock, just come on in.


Word on the Street

"I’ve been working with Mike for over two decades now and he’s taught dozens of our students. He is positive, versatile and knowledgeable and he goes out of his way to accommodate every learning style. Super bright guy and outstanding musician."

Bill Tiberio

(Fairport Instrumental Music Teacher)

"Mike is a talented multi-instrumentalist who is also a good instructor. My middle school aged string students had the opportunity to work with him. They appreciated both his knowledge of music theory and musicianship as well as his outgoing and fun approach to teaching."

Jessica Boss-Collins

(Middle School orchestra teacher)

"Mike is a tremendous musician! I taught elementary band for 20 years. I always sent him private students. Their progress was amazing and they absolutely loved him! If you were looking for somebody that can help your child make tremendous progress and have fun while doing it, you have to call him!"

Kristen Heyen Noble

(Elementary Band director)

"Mike is an excellent teacher. Adaptive to the individual student's needs and innovative in his approach to all students. Very knowledgeable on music theory and experienced with all instruments, mixed with his wonderful interpersonal skills (capable of reaching all types of personalities) makes for an excellent teacher in Michael Edwards. I do highly recommend him."

Aaron Carmack

(former Saxophone student)

Mike can teach the craziest of five year olds piano! He makes music fun as you learn!

Kristin Love

(parent of twin Piano students)

"Mike is so patient and knowledgeable. My daughter counts down the minutes until her guitar lesson."

Arlene Donoghue

(Parent of Guitar student)



466 Landing Rd N Rochester NY United States 14625

(585) 576-8200


(585) 576-8200

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